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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Top 8 Allergens?

The Top 8 Allergens are those that make up 90% of food allergens. Included in this list is: peanuts, tree nuts, soy, dairy, eggs, gluten, fish and shellfish. Not only are our products free from all of these allergens, but they are also produced in a facility completely free from these allergens as well.

Do your mixes require eggs?

No! This was a problem we worked diligently to solve because we know that most traditional mixes do require eggs. For our sugar cookie mix you may use eggs, but we include instructions for using egg replacers or applesauce as well.

Are your products certified gluten free?

Certification processes only offer an annual audit of food products, and we just don't feel like this is enough. Instead, we have opted for rigorous, regular gluten testing of each and every batch of product we make. Our manufacturer conducts a GlutenTox test on every batch of our product, giving you (and us!) peace of mind that our products are gluten free. This frequent testing is also substantially less expensive than obtaining and maintaining an annual certification, which allows us to pass cost savings onto you.

Are your products vegan?

Yes! We use organic and bone char free sugars to ensure that our products remain vegan. No animal byproducts are used in our ingredients.

Are your products dairy free?

Yes, our products are completely free from dairy products and require no dairy products to bake.

Where are your mixes manufactured?

Our bake mixes are produced in Washington State, in a facility completely free from gluten, eggs, soy, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, fish and shellfish. Our food manufacturer has decades of experience in producing allergy friendly food products.

What is citrus fiber?

Citrus fiber is comprised of the pulp/rinds of multiple citrus products. It does not contain any Top 8 Allergens and is non-GMO.

Do your mixes contain sesame, mustard or celery?

No, our mixes do not contain sesame, mustard or celery. Our current manufacturing facility, however, is only guaranteed to be free from the top 8 allergens (gluten, dairy, soy, eggs, tree nuts, peanuts, fish & shellfish). We cannot guarantee the absence of any other ingredient in our current facility as other food is manufactured on the same equipment.

Is your oat flour certified gluten free?

Yes, our oat flour is certified gluten free.

Do your mixes contain dyes or preservatives?

No, our mixes do not contain dyes or preservatives.

What is bone char free powdered sugar?

If this term confuses you, know that you are not alone! Bone char -- made from cattle bones -- is commonly used in the sugar industry to whiten sugar from its natural light brown color. Because we are committed to producing vegan products free from animal byproducts, we use a powdered sugar that is completely free from bone char or any other animal byproduct. The sugar we use in the cake mix itself is also vegan, organic cane sugar.

Does your powdered sugar contain corn starch?

No, our powdered sugar does not contain corn starch. A small amount of tapioca starch is used in the powdered sugar to prevent clumping (where sometimes corn starch is used). Additionally, our powdered sugar is vegan and free from bone char (a common additive used to lighten the color of sugar).

Which oils do you suggest using to keep my treats Top 8 Allergen-Free?

Great question! We love that you are interested in keeping our mixes Top 8 Allergen Free so that more people can enjoy your delicious treats. We highly recommend using a soy-free dairy-free butter alternative such as Earth Balance Soy Free Butter Subsitute*, which can be melted for use in our cake mixes and also used in its refrigerated state for use as half the oil used in our frosting mix. For the other half of the oil in the frosting mix, we recommend organic palm oil shortening such as Spectrum Organic Palm Oil Shortening*. It is a sustainable palm oil and therefore more environmentally friendly. Both of these oils keep your treats Top 8 Allergen Free. If you are baking a Duo kit just for yourself, feel free to use the oils that your diet allows, such as a traditional vegetable oil (which typically contains soy) and/or butter which would contain dairy and is not vegan. *Disclaimer: Manufacturers of these oils and others may, from time to time, change their manufacturing practices. Please read each of their labels carefully to ensure that their ingredients are consistent with your dietary needs and the needs of those you are hoping to serve.

How do your Exact Batch mixes work?

Our new Exact Batch line is one of a kind and enables you to scoop out and bake only what you need now and bake the rest at a later time. The resealable bag keeps your mix fresh and safe from contamination. No more freezers full of cupcakes or expensive speciality bakery cupcakes. Our Exact Batch cake mix even make mug cakes!

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